* V I D E O *


Maya Kabat works with thick applications of oil paint mixed directly on the canvas, resulting in lots of 'leftovers'.

The artists narrative was captured in a separate interview then used as voiceover so that we see what she is talking about.


Applied Cryptography

Raluca Ada Popa is a computer science Assistant professor at UC Berkeley. She needed a short video to explain her research for a grant submission.

Using a whiteboard was a quick and easy way to create graphic images and avoided the need for more costly and time-consuming computer graphics.

Raluca Ada Popa's UC Berkeley Home Page

Phil's Sliders Catering

Sliders and tots delivered hot on the spot!

Hand-held camerawork and lots of close-ups combine nicely with timelapse of the event.


Mo Saito

Fashion photographer Mo Saito loves to photograph mutts.

In his studio he can create infinite white backgrounds or bring in beautiful natural light, to fit the subject and mood.


Curdog Design

Craftsman Lucky Hall creates fabric-formed concrete pieces.

His outdoor workshop has wonderful light thanks to the shade of a giant redwood.



Camp Brushstrokes

Kids of all ages attend this summer camp and enjoy painting pottery in Jessica Williams' sunny outdoor studio. 

For the interior shots, I took full advantage of all of the warm natural light provided by the huge studio windows.




The Partners Program

An academic summer camp and school-year mentoring for under-resourced Oakland middle school students.

More than a dozen interviews with faculty and students were combined with shots of various camp activities, including the final day graduation celebration.


Caz Family Camp

An amazing performing arts camp with a broad range of activities for all ages including music, drama, writing, art, swimming, fresh food, nightly performances, jam sessions, and dancing

I spent a delightful week capturing the camp vibe beneath a canopy of old redwoods in the heart of the Russian River Valley.



Electric City

Book Trailer

Elizabeth Rosner talks about the inspiration for her third novel, 'Electric City', which was named one of the best books of the year by National Public Radio in 2014.

We shot this in front of an appropriate backdrop of electric lights, thanks to Metro Lighting, a Berkeley lighting shop.



Jackeline Rago

Caz Family Camp Teacher

Jackie Rago expresses her love for teaching music by 'just doing it.' 

The magnificent Cazadero redwoods provided the perfect setting for this strolling shoot



Cathedral Gardens

Event Intro

A 100 apartment affordable housing community near downtown Oakland. This is the intro to the grand opening for EAH Housing.

My friend David Ronan (CrushPix) piloted a drone with a camera to capture the mix of new construction and the rehabilitated 110-year-old historic Rectory building. 


Biotech Partners

Training high school students for technical positions in bioscience.

With some editing magic, this 3-minute piece was cut from the original 10-minute piece and backed with a new music track, to tell a more concise and upbeat Biotech Partners story.




An awesome rock band school and summer camp for kids and adults.

An initial interview with founders Steve Gibson and Jeremy Steinkoler became the narrative foundation for this piece and was used to structure the numerous interviews that followed. 




Kickstarter Campaign

Mo'Fone got the funding for their 3rd CD and produced a wonderful recording followed by a celebratory concert!

Mo'Fone's Jim Peterson, Larry De La Cruz, and Jeremy Steinkoler are always having a great time - capturing that on video was the key to success for this piece.  


Mo'Fone on Kickstarter


Stefani Berger

Partners Program Director

Stefani Berger articulates the meaning of peer mentorship for kids in the Partners Program.

I found a quiet spot with nice light, pointed the camera in the right direction and just let it roll, capturing her message straight from the heart.




Izzy Unleashed

Behind the scenes

Writer/Director Romanus Wolter on the set of Izzy Unleashed, a kids TV pilot.

Along the way, I also grabbed some video here and there and cut it together with the original theme song for the show to create this fun behind-the-scenes piece.

Izzy Unleashed TV Pilot


Food Explorers

The Food Explorers program was created by Connie McCullah with Chris Hall, manager of the Kensington Farmers Market, as a way to educate kids about the food they eat. 

Interviews with Chris and Connie were combined with footage from the classroom and the market to tell the whole food story. It's always fun when kids are involved!


Caz Family Camp

A Day in the Caz Life

Everyone moves to the Caz Family Camp rhythm, from the moment you wake to the meals and all the various classes during the day followed by concerts and performances in the evening. 

Edgardo Cambón's salsa band class provided the essential rhythmic pulse for this piece, which came together in the editing.