Mark Altenberg Productions | About

My primary work is to create short documentary videos to promote a business, mission or cause. Throughout the process, from planning to shooting to editing, I like to collaborate closely to allow a high degree of input and flexibility. I prefer to shoot in natural light with minimal equipment – no studios or film crews – to keep productions personal, affordable and fun. Contact me at

My inspiration comes from my father's creative and candid people photography. I further developed my skills through an outstanding high school photography program and as a news photographer for the Daily Illini while attending the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Following that, I spent many years in high-tech at Apple, WebEx and Genentech, often working with digital images and video. In 2009 I completed the 4 semester immersive filmmaking program at the Berkeley Digital Film Institute where I worked on numerous film projects and developed technical skills in practically every filmmaking role. I created several of my own short films, culminating in my thesis project, Andiamo!, which premiered at the Zaentz Media Center in Berkeley, CA in 2009. The San Francisco Bay Area is where I live and work.