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I helped these people promote their music. What's your story?



Kickstarter Campaign

Mo'Fone got the funding for their 3rd CD and produced a wonderful recording followed by a celebratory concert!

Mo'Fone's Jim Peterson, Larry De La Cruz and Jeremy Steinkoler are always having a great time - capturing that on video was the key to success for this piece.  

Mo'Fone on Kickstarter



Caz Family Camp

A Day in the Caz Life

Everyone moves to the Caz Family Camp rhythm, from the moment you wake to the meals and all the various classes during the day followed by concerts and performances in the evening. 

Edgardo Cambón's salsa band class provided the essential rhythmic pulse for this piece, which came together in the editing.
Edgardo Cambón




Juniper Tree

Composed by Clark Suprynowicz and performed by Beezelbub's Private Line.

Shot at Annie's Hall, a very cool hangout in the middle of Berkeley where Annie creates her larger-than-life masks.

Clark Suprynowicz

American Standard for Clarinet and Piano

By Michael Kaulkin with Karla Avila, clarinet and Regina Schaffer, piano.

Video interpretation by Mark Altenberg. Recorded at Old First Church, San Francisco, April 8, 2011.

Michael Kaulkin


Magik*Magik at SFO

Magik*Magik String Quartet plays the compositions of Hear Here at the You Are Hear festival at San Francisco International Airport.

I wanted to capture various travelers' reactions to a string quartet playing in an airport, from surprise to wonder to completely oblivious.


Wild and Wooly Cello

Every now and then my habit of hanging around for a little while after an event, just to see what happens, pays off. This time I was treated to an impromptu concert by cello maestro Rushad Eggelston. Included here are a couple of deftly rendered instrumentals mixed in with some of Rushad's wonderfully wacky songs, including the future classic 'I Peed on a Bird'.


Izzy Unleashed

Behind the scenes

Writer/Director Romanus Wolter hired me to shoot still photos on the set of Izzy Unleashed, a kids TV pilot.

Along the way I also grabbed some video here and there (mostly on iPhone) and cut it together with the original theme song for the show to create this fun behind-the-scenes piece.


Caz Camp Clips

Caz Family Camp in action backed by Dennis Fortin's Gypsy Jazz class, with Jereme Altenberg soloing on violin. 


The Moving Walkway

A short sound and motion experiment along the magical moving walkway between terminals C and B at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. 


Mumbai Tabla Maker

Tabla Maker Haridas Vhatkar at work in his shop in Mumbai, India. Music by Peter Altenberg from his album All Cows Eat Grass.

All Cows Eat Grass on iTunes