EAH Housing - Featured Videos  

Willow Housing

Veterans move in to Willow Housing, an affordable housing complex in Menlo Park, CA on December 17, 2015. 

Willow Housing Website


Cathedral Gardens

Event coverage of the grand opening of the Cathedral Gardens affordable housing complex in Oakland, CA on May 14, 2015. 

Cathedral Gardens Website


Avena Bella

Event coverage of the grand opening of the Avena Bella affordable housing complex in Turlock, CA on March 20, 2014.

Avena Bella Website


Rohlff's Manor

Event coverage of the celebration of Rohlff's Manor, a remodeled affordable housing complex in Napa, CA in 2011.

Rohlff's Manor Website

Stewardship Program

EAH Housing Real Estate Manager Gina Leachman and Senior VP Al Bonnett discuss the EAH Stewardship program.

EAH Stewardship Website



Design, Community and Management

Steve Kinsey, Ron Arlas, Pat Cashman, Janet Lockhart, Jill Techel and Ginny Lee extol the design, community and management of EAH Housing properties including Pt. Reyes, Edgewater Place, Cecilia Place, Camellia Place, Stonebridge and Drake’s Way.


Community, Quality and Sustainability 

Reflections on EAH Housing featuring Carolyn Attkisson, Roy Bateman, Shiloh Ballard, Janet Abelson, David Neale, Pat Cashman, Sam Liccardo, Jill Techel, Janet Lockhart, Janet Fuschek, Eric Saijo and Tim Frank.